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      SMART WORKPLACE © is a culture, a thought process, and an idea that took shape at Perception Management as a solution for our intelligent generation (iGen) of employees to achieve some degree of work-life balance. We believe that efficiency is not about clocking 8 office hours, but more about how you organise your work in a day - allowing time for quality reading, writing, thinking, brainstorming and connecting with people who matter to you as well as your business.

What do we do at our SMART WORKPLACE ©?

FLIP 4 Life: Our permanent employees have an option to apply and choose Flexi-Work Program based on the nature of their projects and their work-life priorities. This program has been designed for those, who wish to Work Smart & Live Smarter
* Subject to our FLIP 4 Life policies

Feel Good Fridays: Last Friday of the Month, we share interesting, intelligent, insightful, inspiring and thought-provoking movies and be on the road by 5pm to catch-up with our week-end plans.

People FIRST: In the business of managing perceptions, it is not so much about working for or with an organisation, but it is about working with ‘people’, who have both the power and influence to shape your opinions, your beliefs, your work life and many other things that matter to you. So, when you join Perception Management:

You are allowed a Casual-Charm-Chat with our employees to test your chemistry and our culture, even before you decide to join us
You are provided a weekly online platform to submit feedback on various aspects of your life with us anonymously for the management to constantly improve and create an environment that is most amenable to your professional aspirations
You are introduced to clients and treated as a Professional worth your ‘Potential’ and not allow your age, background, race, and position in the organisation dictate your credentials or your career progression with us
You are given just enough (a client portfolio that allows quality delivery) for you to manage in a day’s job, for you to learn, for you to use your skills and to demonstrate leadership for new growth
You are rewarded (beyond industry standards) for demonstrating our core values, our business practices and above all, loyalty or commitment towards individual as well as organizational growth

If you are interested to know more about us and how you can be part of the iGen @ Perception Management, feel free to write to our Director for Resources at



Flexi Work Plan is to allow or help confirmed employees of Perception Management Sdn Bhd and its Group Companies achieve a work-life balance.

Subject to the applicable policies, terms and conditions of eligibility, employees can FLIP 4 Life. Considering the fact that different employees have a different set of client’ demands and personal commitments, the policies or the conditions will also vary across the broad category of employees defined below.

Workaholics can choose Fridays as their Off-Site Days
Caretakers can opt to Work-From-Home two days in a week
Roadies can choose alternative work days [8am – 5pm; 9am – 6pm; 10am – 7pm and 11am – 8pm]
Mothers can also Work-From-Home two days in a week for upto 6-12 months
Explorers can opt for a 15-30 Day Sabbatical in addition to their annual leave
Owl-ies can choose to wake-up late… all fresh to start the work day at 10am or 11am


@ Perception Management

“Our intelligent generation or iGen Employees exercise their power to shape their own professional and personal destinies; they think, they listen, they understand, they care, they do and they motivate Performance with Passion, Perseverance, and Professionalism.” (Principal Consultant)

"In building our assets i.e. our people, we focus on their strengths, help them gain new confidence, and grow them into specialist roles with professional growth." (Director, Resources & Government Relations)

"You must have devotion towards everything that you do…to the religion, to your spouse and family, your job and employer. It is only with devotion, that you will find that innate sense of satisfaction from yourself that no one else will ever know." ( P.A. to the CEO & Training Coordinator)

“It is important to sail through the storm once in a while to only emerge as a more stronger and wiser person. Here, we find a good balance of professional rigor and breathing space, allowing us to hone our skills and also realise our new potential.” (Media Specialist)

“Willingness to learn and the courage to excel are not secrets to success but a formula to meaningful growth and a sense of achievement. Here, I find ample opportunities to learn in a friendly work environment.” (Executive, Client Services)

“A workplace, where you can think beyond money… Loves, positive aura, smiles, peace…” (Manager, Finance)

"When I first came on board, I knew that I found my calling…I wanted a place that I could grow with, a place that would fuel my passion and remind me why I chose this profession in the first place. At PMSB, I am reminded that the sky is the limit and that nothing is impossible with passion, perseverance and professionalism." (Executive, Client Services)

“People always say that never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life. Indeed, because a beautiful life does not just happen. It is built daily with prayer, humility, sacrifice and hardwork. At PMSB, I found hardwork does beat talent when talent doesn't work hard.” (Executive, Client Services)

“Happiness at work is about being happy at work even in the midst of some challenges. It’s about building your skills and your energy to fix the problems, and to create more and more positive experiences at work. I am really happy being a part of the PMSB family because it offers a great atmosphere and there is a spirit of oneness amid the team members.” (Executive, Client Services)

“Everyday is different at a workplace. Some days are easy, some days are challenging. At PMSB, I am given the opportunity to go beyond my comfort zone to develop new skills within a supportive team environment”. (Executive, Client Services)













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